How to Use a Protimeter Moisture Meter 


Pin moisture brickAs an experienced professional, you know all too well the dynamics of completing a comprehensive and accurate moisture inspection. Whether it's for a home inspection or in flood damage restoration, moisture surveys are rarely completed quickly and require a high level of skill.

As something that’s sometimes easily identifiable or invisible to the naked eye, completing a thorough assessment of moisture in a space isn’t just about having the right tools. It’s about understanding how to use them. 

In our White paper, “Using a Protimeter Moisture Meter to Check Damp Within a Building,” we provide a complete look at how to use a Protimeter moisture meter, focusing on:   

  • Locating moisture issues with pinpoint accuracy 
  • Measuring moisture & condensation 
  • Properly interpreting your meter’s readings
  • & much more

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The Finer Points of Moisture Inspections: Materials 

The simple fact is different materials interact differently with moisture. Or another way: concrete has a different relationship with moisture than, say, wood or drywall. 

When taking moisture readings with a Protimeter moisture meter, long gone are the days of using a materials chart or adjusting your meter to a specific material type. Our moisture meters take the hard work out of completing a thorough moisture inspection across multiple materials. 

wood moisture meter
Pin Moisture meter with extension plaster
Best moisture meter for concrete

measuring condensation in buildingsMeasuring the Types of Moisture You’ll Encounter 

Be it rainwater, rising damp, or a plumbing leak, moisture can find its way into a structure in any number of ways. 

But even more confounding: a dampness issue can present itself in many ways. Sometimes, it’s obvious – an inch of water in a basement or collapsed ceiling of plaster or drywall is hard to miss. Other times, excessive moisture is more subtle appearing as ground-level condensation or airborne water vapor. 

We look at the most common ways moisture presents itself and what it means for your survey, including: 

  • Condensation
  • Relative humidity 
  • Surface moisture
  • Subsurface moisture


Getting the Most from Your Protimeter Moisture Meter

Accurately locating, quantifying, & qualifying moisture in a building with a Protimeter moisture meter takes more than having one at the ready. This guide details: 

  • The types of professional moisture meters available 
  • How & when to use them 
  • What their readings mean

Take Command of Your Protimeter User Experience 

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