PROTIMETER HYGROMASTER® LProtimeter HygroMaster L | Amphenol Advanced Sensors

Faster than Fast.

The Protimeter Hygromaster L is a "lighter" version of the Hygromaster 2, but with the same great performance in accuracy and fast response! With a simple user interface and multi-function capability.


The Hygromaster L measures ambient humidity and temperature, dewpoint and specific humidity. It also incorporates a replaceable humidity and temperature sensor. This meter is ideal for flood damage restoration, building survey, concrete and concrete floor (in situ) moisture measurement.


All Protimeter instruments have a two-year warranty.


Hygromaster L


  • Dewpoint and Specific Humidity (GPP, g/Kg)
  • Simple to use interface
  • Fast response
  • High accuracy
  • Replaceable humidity and temperature sensor
  • Benefits

  • Fast temperature and humidity response
  • Replaceable humidity and temperature sensor
  • Highly accurate
  • Applications

  • Flood damage restoration
  • Building survey
  • Concrete and concrete floor moisture measurement (ASTM-F2170 Standard)
  • HVAC test and measurement
  • Options

  • BLD7751L with short QuikStick humidity sensor (POL8751) - Recommended for general measurement and applications, such as flood damage restoration. Operates between 0-100% RH.
  • BLD7750L with HygroStick humidity sensor (BLD4750) - Recommended for high %RH harsh environment applications, such as ERH measurement in concrete. Operates between 30 and 98% RH.
  • Specifications

    Gross Weight 8 oz (227 gms)
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 7 in X 3.2 in X 1.5 in (178 mm X 81 mm X 38 mm)
    Display 2” TFT display, 176 x 220, 256K
    Batteries (Included) 9V Alkaline
    Hygrostick Data (Nominal) %RH Range:
    30% to 40% RH (±3% RH) at 68°F (20°C)
    41% to 98% RH (±2%) at 68°F (20°C)
    Temperature Range:
    32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) ±0.6°F (±0.3°C)
    QuikStick and QuikStick ST Data (Nominal) %RH Range:
    0% to 10% RH, ±3% RH at 68°F (20°C)
    10% to 90% RH, ±2% RH at 68°F (20°C)
    90% to 100% RH, ±3% RH at 68°F (20°C)
    Temperature Range:
    32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) ±0.6°F (±0.3°C)
    Nominal Response:
    30% to 90% and back to 30% RH in 45 seconds @ 68°F (20°C)
    Warranty 24 months on mechanical or manufacturing defects.
    Does not include wearing part or accessories.