Designed for efficiency and accuracy, Protimeter moisture meters & accessories help you take moisture readings you can be confident in. 


With a wide variety of products made for a host of applications, Protimeter moisture meters are a must-have for anyone working in home inspections, water damage restoration, agriculture, or the timber industry. Here’s what industry professionals say about why they thing Protimeter Moisture Meters are the best moisture meters:

“First off, I would like to say thank you for making the best moisture detection products in the world! I have a Survey Master, an MMS2, and I just recently bought the ReachMaster Pro, which is an absolute genius product, and also my most important and utilized tool I use for my inspection business! I wish I would have had it when I started over 15 years ago!
Thank you so much, and please continue producing groundbreaking products for our industry!” 

David R. Vaughan
MoonTower Home Inspections, LLC

“The ReachMaster Pro is durable and easy to use -- you can turn it on and it doesn't take a lot to master the controls … We use the ReachMaster Pro every day and I take it to every job -- there’s always a spot that’s out of reach where we can use it. I love its ability to keep me off of step ladders and away from danger.” 

Steve Recker
Owner, Reckner Certified Home Inspection

"We’re very happy with the Protimeter products we use -- the MMS2 and the ReachMaster Pro. We work in environments that are somewhat rugged, and the meters are easy to use, consistent, and reliable."

Kevin Brown
Owner, PuroClean of Wenztville

“Buying the ReachMaster Pro made ergonomic sense so we didn’t have to get on our hands and knees or climb ladders to take readings -- it’s definitely saved our backs and knees … It shows the moisture content percentage on a screen that’s back lit, which makes it a lot easier to take pictures of the reading.”

David Luce
CEO, Luce Air Quality

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